JC Lighthouse Adult Services

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Community Based Living Arrangements (CBLA)
Supportive Living Arrangement (SLA):
Independent focused supportive living:

JC Lighthouse’s Adult Group Homes provide the individual with an environment that is safe and secure, and provide the following:

  • 24/7 supervision in each home.
  • Daily Support as per an Individualized Care Plan.
  • Balanced daily dinner, along with assisting in self-prepared breakfast and lunch.
  • Prompting and follow through of house chores. Assistance with medication needs.
  • Assistance with scheduling individual’s appointments as well as transportation to appointments, as needed.  Staff attendance of appointments and follow through.
  • Individuals are coached to identify physical and emotional needs of their peers and how to appropriately interact.  Individuals are taught partial or fully independent living skills to encourage life transition.

JC Lighthouse works with local agencies in northern Nevada, including NNAMHS and Sierra Regional Center (SRC), to provide independent living arrangements for individuals in our area.

Specialized Outpatient Care:

JC Lighthouse Specialized Outpatient Care provides the following services:

Basic Skills Training (BST) offers Support as per an Individualized Care Plan:

  • Individual learns how to manage their daily lives, including managing appointments.
  • Individual will learn how to identify and comprehend physical and emotional social skills.
  • Individual will learn how to communicate their physical, emotional, & interpersonal needs.
  • Individual will learn how to manage and prioritize their daily activities.
  • Individual will learn independent living skills to increase level of personal responsibility, may include public transportation, meal preparation, daily/weekly chores, grocery shopping.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR)

JC Lighthouse offers Mental Health Intervention to restore individuals to their highest level of functioning, to include:

  • Social Competency
  • Problem Identification and Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Self–sufficiency
  • Life Goals
  • Focus on specific goal oriented outcomes
  • Sense of Humor

Individual Therapy Services to help individuals build positive Mental Health habits:

To help individuals build positive Mental Health habits:

  • Identify thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that shape your life
  • Learn coping skills to work with: anxiety, anger management, stress, depression, boundary issues
  • Work on behavioral and emotional intervention
  • Learn to incorporate daily routines which can include: exercise, nutrition and sleep for positive outcomes
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